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Joint Venture US Real Estate Investment

Without a doubt, we realize that investing in a turnkey US real estate property can be potentially intimidating to an out of the country investor.  For example, you may worry that your tenant may leave the property prematurely or that the property simply will not perform as you expected.  In order to help alleviate these types of worries, we created a specific program to specifically address these issues.

How Does a Joint Venture US Real Estate Investment Partnership Work?

In a Joint Venture Partnership, you purchase a note secured against a property instead of the property itself.  As a result of owning this note, you will receive payments  every month – regardless of what happens with the real estate property itself.  Meanwhile, Real Property Investments will take care of all the property management – including finding and screening tenants, collecting rent, answering tenant questions, maintenance calls and more.

In other words then, you will not have to worry about anything - and instead can focus on cashing your checks and enjoying your life.  Partner with us for property purchasing today.


More Joint Venture Partnership Info 

When you choose a Joint Venture US real estate investment, the following takes place:

1. You provide the funding for repairs and/or purchase of a real estate property

2. You receive a promissory note that entitles you to obtain interest payments.  Additionally, (1) your initial investment remains secure over five years and (2) the note secures the value of the equity you have in the property

3. The promissory note is secured by the real estate property by recording the property’s mortgage with the municipality.

4. The promissory note is secured by the property.  This is done by recording a mortgage against the property with the local municipality.  With this structure, the investor will be in a 1st lien position on the property.

5. Real Property Investments locates the property, manages the purchase details, arranges for renovations, advertises for tenants and screens potential tenants.  Real Property Investments also manages the property, pays bills, collects the rent, and basically manages any day-to-day property and tenant issues.

Who is a Joint Venture US Real Estate Investment For?

This type of investment is ideal for people who want to earn a steady monthly interest payment, but do not want to own/manage a property outright.

For instance, if you provide Real Property Investments with $60,000 to purchase and/or fix up a property, we then pay a fixed rate of return on this investment on an annual basis.  At 9% interest, this total works out to be $5400 a year.  In return, we will take care of all the property management issues including US tax filing and tenant issues  – all you have to do is cash the checks.

Moreover, if the property is sold after five years, the profit will be divided in a 50/50 manner between you and Real Property Investments.  For instance, if the property garnered a $90,000 profit, you will receive $45,000 of this money in addition to the interest payments you receive on a regular basis.

If a joint venture US real estate investment sounds interesting to you, partner with us for property purchasing. 

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