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Frequently Asked Questions

Why take advantage of US property investment now?
As you may already know, the US real estate market collapsed during the years from 2007-2010 and is just now recovering.  In fact, properties are now available at fifty to seventy-five percent below their actual value – consequently, there are deals to be had.  Moreover, as rents have not significantly decreased in proportion to the property values, now is an excellent time to rent out these properties to obtain maximum positive cash flow.  In order to minimize risk, turnkey real estate investment properties with a rental guarantee and full property management are available.

Is there Financing for US Real Estate?
Although many investors do all cash deals, for some of our properties we do have connections with banks in Canada to provide conventional mortgages with 25% downpayment. Other properties have private lenders who can provide mortgages with 50% downpayment. Contact Us for more info on financing US properties for Canadians. 

What is The Rental Guarantee?
Unlike other turnkey real estate investment companies, Real Property Investment provides first year Rental Guarantee. That is, for the first year we will guarantee rental income to the investor. If a tenant leaves and stops paying rent, we will continue paying rental income to the investor. At the same time we will resolve the issue with the tenant at no cost to the investor.

What is The Property Warranty?
We also warranty all repairs for the entire first year at no cost to the investor. So, if during the first year we have plumbing or electrical issues for example, they will be fixed at no cost to the investor, thus providing extra cashflow to the investor and giving him the piece of mind that he is in good hands with Real Property Investment.

How can I profit with US property investment?
There are a number of ways to profit from US property investment.

Underpriced Properties
When you purchase a property at a below-market price point, you will gain a property that has immediate capital growth

Rental Income
The average property has a positive cash flow of approximately ten to eighteen percent.  Moreover, there is always an opportunity to raise rental incomes in the near future.  As mentioned, there are also turnkey real estate investment properties available.  These properties come complete with a rental guarantee and full property management already in place.

Capital Return 
As we can expect real estate prices to increase while the economy continues to recover, you can expect increases in the real estate property prices soon as well. In turn, you should gain a significant amount of money when the property sells aa few years down the road.

There are other ways to profit from the current US real estate market.  Please make an appointment to discuss these opportunities. 

Can foreign investors buy US real estate legally?
Yes, they can.   Investors come from all over the world including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and more.

Do I have to pay tax on rental income?
Yes, if you own a US property and collect rental income, you need to file a US tax return on a yearly basis.  However, we can refer you to reliable tax professionals for further consultation. 

We would love to meet with you and discuss US property investment in more detail. Contact us for a completely free consultation.