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There are many strategies of real estate investment in Toronto. The Buy-and-hold concept is the most active strategyfor real estate investment in Toronto. For long term investors who's goal is wealth creation, buy and hold property if doneintelligently with thorough knowledge can yield lot of profit.

The investor analyzes the property to make sure the property cash flows.


This is done by confirmingmonthly rent does not exceed monthly payments for insurance, property tax, utilities, mortgage costs, vacancies, maintenance, and property management.


Hold the property for a few years

Then three things happen, the first is that tenants pay down the mortgage, so the equity in your investment property is growing. Secondly, if purchased with careful calculations the property could generate monthly profits thus giving you monthly cash flow.  Lastly, the property if purchased in a good location should appreciate in value. After a few years when there is an adequate amount equity built up in the property, investors either refinance the investment property to purchase more or sell the property to buy a better investment property.


This method as opposed to fix and flip is long term, this is not a short term play. However, as momentum builds and assets


Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and Vaughan are all great cities to buy and hold income property. There are several reasons for this. First off, there is a huge demand for housing, but as prices have soared this makes the reach of home ownership for many people unobtainable. That is why many people rent instead of buy. There is a huge demand for rental properties in the area. Toronto also have in