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Private Lending 

Ideal for investors who do not want to deal with the hassles of managing or owning an investment property, this private lending US property program offers a high rate of return. This type of hard money lending investment is beneficial as you need not worry about maintenance expenses, troublesome tenants, and real estate market price fluctuations. While this investment can have a five year duration, it is more common for the term to be one or two year in length.

That said, there are situations where the property in question must be sold before the end of the set term.  However, as we pay at least six months of interest for each and every investment, you need not fret.  Additionally, you can also choose to reinvest the funds.

To better illustrate our private lending US property program, consider an investment of $50,000.  With 7% interest, you will fortunately net $3500 worth of interest payments per year.  In addition, as we take care of all property management and maintenance costs, you keep the entire $3500.   


Financing US Property Features:

  • Receive a high rate of return for your investment.
  • Your investment is protected either by a property lien or a mortgage. In other words then, you can conduct a foreclosure if we violate the term conditions.
  • You will not be involved in any aspect of property management.
  • You need to invest a minimum of $20,000.
  • You will have no income tax obligations in the US as interest income will only be taxable in Canada.
  • With the private lending US property program, you will receive a consistent monthly payment without dealing with the hassles of US taxes, repair costs, and tenant issues. 

If you are interested in learning more about your real estate investment options,  contact us  here for an absolutely free consultation.